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Penny's Learning Journal

tribulations and exultation in the self-directed OLDSMOOC learning journey

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Penny Wheeler
11 January 2013

[Major interruption: must create a presentation of changes to the academic honesty (i.e. plagiarism) policy. Looking at Oxford's Turnitin pages for some inspiration, while I was searching for the workplace image.]

Friday 18 January In an attempt to get a handle on Fawei's Success team, I looked for a picture of each person's workplace:

  1. IT Services, University of Oxford
  2. University of Bourgogne
  3. University of Ljubljana
  4. Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE
  5. RMIT
  6. ACU 

This week (14-18 Jan) I have been full-time at a face-to-face workshop learning something about social network analysis. I see networks everywhere.

Tuesday 15 January: Three factors brought me back into the MOOC today:


  1. the live event (Hangout) converge
  2. a kind comment from Fawei Geng - which has led me to being a contributor to his dream project, stories of teachers' ed tech successes
  3. shame, disgust, desperation etc. - why was I not participating? Hadn't I been waiting for this OLDS MOOC for more than half a year? How could I waste this opportunity?


Friday 11 January: The first day of #OLDSMOOC has come and gone while I was asleep. Trying to knuckle down to writing my dream design.

Tuesday 8 January: Attended launch event via stadium - I had the sound down rather low, as it was 3 am in Sydney, Australia.

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