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Kristina Hollis: My Dream: Learning design project proposal

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Kristina Hollis
11 January 2013

I would like to create a course or series of lessons/online learning modules on learning design to facilitate better understanding of all learning design both offline and online.  I would even like to write a short book in the future on learning design.

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Bronwyn Hegarty
6:59am 11 January 2013

Hi Kristina

I am interested in knowing who your target audience is for the modules, and the context for the design - is it for blended learning or project-based or a LMS or open distance learning, or some other approach?

Re your idea to write a book that is great. Have you used Wikibooks at all? It is a great platform for writing a book in collaboration with others.  If you do a search for learning design you will see that some people have made tentative starts to write about it.  You can self-publish using sites such as which are great because you can set the price for the print copy - it is surprising how many people pay for that privilege. even when the pdf is free. Bronwyn

Kristina Hollis
11:36pm 11 January 2013

Thanks for your comment Bronwyn, I appreciate the feedback and questions.

My target audience would be secondary and tertiary educators I believe.  I tend to think big picture as well so I would want to create a resource that is all-encompassing and can faciltate professional development in this area to be applied in blended learning, online learning within an LMS or in PBL, maybe even considering games-based learning as well.

I haven't used Wikibooks before but I have explored it and other sites like Lulu before, I just haven't had the chance to really write and have concentrated on writing on my blog.

Geetanjali Soni
12:15pm 14 January 2013

Krista: I am interested in something very similar and would like to keep up with your project. Have you joined a team yet? and if so is there space for more team members? I am still on the look out for a group with similar targets ...

Kristina Hollis
8:40pm 14 January 2013

Hi Geetanjali, I haven't officially joined a team yet no, I would love to work with you if you are interested in this area.  I am a learning designer and I am often given courses to put into Moodle but they are in no way designed for the online environment, so what I really want to do is to develop instructional materials that help educators better understand what good learning design is in the offline and online environment, possibly comparing them in the process.  What are your thoughts?

Cathy Chen
6:21am 16 January 2013

Hi Kristina, I have been trawling through the proposals and yours appeals to me.  I am adding my info. Let me know what you think about a collaboration.


Geetanjali Soni
9:51pm 16 January 2013

I propose forming a team similar in concept to Helen Walmsley and maybe working closely with them..but aimed at a slightly different audience...or we could still try and join that team, but it may be too large a team by now.
My audience is more K-12 teachers...does that fit with yours? Yes, I am also interested in learning design for the F2F environment and how online may be in that our thoughts are along the same line.

What say you?

Kristina Hollis
9:59pm 16 January 2013

Yeh that sounds good.  I do not recall Helen's at the moment but will definitely check it out soon.  What do you believe would be a good starting point for us?  I think we should collect some resources, references and links and I probably already have a ton on my Diigo account.  What do you envisage the end product looking like and what format would you think is most suitable?  I want to write a resource like a short ebook but I think something interactive is definitely in order too.

What do you think too Cathy?  Is this still along the track that you were thinking with your project?


Cathy Chen
2:24pm 19 January 2013

Hi Kristina, have had a look at Helen's project - it ties in with my interests and they seem to be well organised, so I have asked to join them - perhaps you would like to do the same? 
Best regards

Geetanjali Soni
2:56pm 21 January 2013

Should we start a project cloud space for our project?

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