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Vahid's Cloudthingy OLDS MOOC

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Vahid Masrour
11 January 2013

Figuring out how cloudworks works.

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Vahid Masrour
5:08am 11 January 2013

still not figured it out. mildly frustrating. I've been aroung the web for more than 15 years now.

Vahid Masrour
5:12am 11 January 2013

So, should i be posting something here? My ideas on the course, maybe?

Marie Arndt
8:33am 11 January 2013

Hi Vahid,

I am Marie and I first encountered Cloudworks a couple of years ago when I was studying for the MA in Onlione and Distance Education with the OU. I still find it midly confusing, but have tried to follow the instructions in the opening slideshow what to do. As far as I understand you post something here about yourself.

Kind regards,



Vahid Masrour
3:11pm 11 January 2013

Thanks @Marie Arndt for your kind advice. Are you participating in the OLDS MOOC?

Vahid Masrour
3:14pm 11 January 2013

New comment: it seems that cloudworks does not play nice with Chrome. Firefox, on the other hand, is all swell and easy.

Vahid Masrour
10:24pm 13 January 2013

Still not sure this is the right place to post, but have to try anyway.


In the inaugural presentation by Yishai Mor, at about 28:00 he goes onto "Tools" and wonders whereas there could ever be an ultimate Learning Design Tool (to rule them all).


My candidate for this is the Learning Cycle, proposed by David Kolb (see for a 1 picture explanation) and develloped by Anello & Hernandez at Nur University as part of the Moral Leadership framework. 

The learning styles i can do without, but the learning cycle, which forces the designer to include a variety of activities in the class design has worked wonderfully well for me over the past 15 years.


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