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BrianR OLDS MOOC Learning Journal

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Brian Robertson
11 January 2013

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Brian Robertson
8:04pm 16 January 2013 (Edited 8:07pm 16 January 2013)

Oh, this is full of stuff to learn before I even start learning.

So much to do but I've no idea how to do it.

I signed up for this so I've just got to get on with it.

The launch wasn't very inspiring, especially as the videofeed didn't work properly until almost the end.  Sat for about 40 minutes posting and checking questions and faffing around with computer thinking "is it me????"

Cloudworks, google groups, OLDSMOOC googlesite.  So many different tools but what are they for and how do I use them?

Haven't really set objectives (can't even remember if I did introduce myself, I think I did) except to learn something about didtal learning environments and technologies.  Perhaps I've learned how difficult they can be to work out and the difficulty in figuring out what this type of MOOC is all about.

Managed to work out how to set up a cloud and a cloudscape then post in the right spot.  Hope I remember how to do this.

People are beginning to respond.  I'm not alone!!!

Convergence hangout helped to make things clear, as did joining the etmooc: that I got from the google discussions (by the way I just figured out the links thing when going back to edit) Just tried to add that as a link and nearly lost everything.  (Note to self: figure out how to add a link).  Don't know how I'll post this to the reflect cloudscape yet but, first things first.

Think we now have study circle and I've joined a project team (think that's what it's called).

So, the reflection on the week is that:

  • I need to figure out more about clodworks
  • should probably set some clearer objectives
  • I'm not disheartened, love a challenge

Looking forward to the next week to see what scary stuff comes along.

Sue Watling
8:58am 18 January 2013

Hi Brian, good to see you over in DIY Multimedia Google Group!forum/olds-mooc-diy-multimedia  I set this up to try and escape from the confusion of clouds and provide space to post pictures!   I'm blogging on oldmooc at  At the end of week one I wonder if the technology is dominating the learning and quite possibility being a barrier rather than enabler.  Sue 

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