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IleneDawn: My Dream Learning Design Project Proposal - Merge Learning Design & Multicultural Learning to Create Online Module for HE teachers

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Ilene Alexander
11 January 2013

Time to design an open & online participatory module on multicultural learning & teaching in higher education that

  • is cross-curricular (eg, science AND social science instructors participate), interdisciplinary and collabortive.
  • models learning circle principles & practices of Highlander Folkschool (Myles Horton and Septima Clark as well as Stephen Brookfield; more akin to Wenger than Freire) as these lend themselves to both thinking about learning design generally and learning design within this course specifically.
  • draws on "Islands of empowerment: Facilitating multicultural learning communities in college" by Chavez, on "Women’s proper place and student-centered pedagogy" by Gómez.


  • Offer new online course within Preparing Future Faculty Program (PFF).
  • Begin with 20 registered students and an equal number of open participants.
  • Course materials - teacher and participant generated - shared via common blog with Creative Commons license (share alike, attribution, noncommercial).
  • Draw on learning design to complete course outline.

Present Situation

  • Center willing to offer online course embedding MOOC principles & practices.
  • Successful past F2F run of course, and student interest in core course for this topic specific course.
  • Respected PFF program in US context
  • As part of supportive interdisciplinary & intergenerational learning community, I have colleagues locally I can also call on throughout the design process.

Explore (Alternatives)

  • closed course - already exists; so perhaps a hybrid on campus for first run with credit and non-credit options; grad students and posdocs joined by teaching staff and interested faculty
  • badges?
  • what else?

Next steps

  • Form/join study circle in OLDS MOOC
  • Gather materials that can inform the course - content, design
  • Wrtie a blog pieces that addresses WHY of multicultural teaching & learning philosophy, and WHAT of multicultural/inclusive learning & teaching design
Borrowing the"OPEN" (Outcomes, Present stiuation, Exploration of Alternatives, Next Steps) framework from @GeorgeRoberts to set out my initial ideas.

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Apostolos Koutropoulos
3:44pm 12 January 2013

This seems like an interesting project!

Reading about your alternatives I thought of Alec Couros' courses where there is a "slightly open"  type of course where the course is offered through a University, and students pay for credit, but the materials are open, and the interactions are open, so people who want to take part in the course, but don't want to sign up for credit, can do it.

Another model here is that Alec also asks for mentors from the web, and people can sign up to be mentors.  I am wondering, for a teacher prep course, if this request for mentors approach might be useful :)

George Roberts
11:20pm 12 January 2013

great ideas here. I think we need to think about badges too. I should say I got the open framework from David Langston, who got it from someone else.

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