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Alex Furr: My dream: Making eMarking the preferred choice for academics

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Alex Furr
11 January 2013

eSubmission of work has been around since the dawn of man. OK well not that long. But for certain subject areas (ECS for example) at least as long as the internet has been mainstream.

Students love eSubmission, but staff, on the whole staff haye eMarking it for a vareity of reasons.

These include:
- The perceived cost transfer from students to staff for printing
- Staring at a screen for hours while marking might give them a headache
- They miss the freeform 'scribble on page' approach
- They hate ANY kind of marking

In many cases these fears / annoyances are unfounded, but moving an academic unit from paper to eMarking is always a struggle.

Past experience has given me a number of general pointers on good practice in how to improve the staff eMarking experience, I'd like to explore this area further.

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