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My week 1 learning objectives (sheilamacneill)

objectives/reflections for week 1

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Sheila MacNeill
11 January 2013

OK so for week 1 I aim to:

Complete the tasks as outlined (

So set up cloudspace/reflective journal - tick

join the google discussion group and introduce myself - tick

create/share/review "dream learning design" - tick ( and luckily found very quickly another two participants who are thinking of much the same idea as me)

team up

as of Sunday this seems to be happening

** 16 Jan update**

have managed to team up with Helen and Claire (despite my home broadband chucking me out of our google hang out) see

brainstorm - not quite managed to get to grips/ find time to engage with the design mind map.

reflect - have posted some early reflections on my blog (see link below).  Overall first week has been quite chaotic, but I think things will settle down a bit more now.  I feel that the teaming up aspect was slightly easier as I already know a few people taking the course so one less hurdle to overcome.  I've also been impressed by the "openness" of the the team, particularly Yishay, Simon and Peter who have been very candid about the difference between the designing of the course and the "messiness" of the reality of it when in is running. I didn't mange to get to the google hang out yesterday but listened to most of it today. I have also been slightly distracted by the potential for representing cloudworks in different ways ( as outlined in my post) and the potential of SNA techniques for visualising cloudscapes as shared learning spaces/communities. 

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Blog posts on some thoughts from so far

Sheila MacNeill
15:34 on 14 January 2013

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