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Alison's first toe

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Alison Le Cornu
11 January 2013

The water's a bit cold!

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Alison Le Cornu
12:05pm 11 January 2013

Well, my first frustration is to do with my profile photo. So many people have uploaded theirs and I want to join in! But Cloudworks tells me firstly that the first photo I tried to upload was too big in terms of electronic size, and the second was too big in terms of dimensions. So I go back to Google Photos where I keep them all and have a go at resizing, but with little obvious success, and I haven't got a huge amount of time to mess around with it all. So for the moment, no photo. Sorry folks. 

Heather Peters
11:06pm 11 January 2013

Hi Alison,

A creative title...we are coming from a similar space. :) 

I'm finding the technology a bit frustrating too. For me it is going to be a steep learning curve trying to come up to speed with so many unfamiliar platforms simultaneously! Hang in there I'm sure we'll work things out!



Alison Le Cornu
2:36pm 12 January 2013

Cheers Heather. I hope so! Thanks for making contact.


Michael Bromby
7:14pm 17 January 2013

Yes, good title Alison! I hope it's just your little toe that was cold from the first dip and that the remaining toes might have a warmer experience! I've persevered and managed to get through week 1 (to my amazement) and I've a badge to show for my efforts of which I'm immensely proud (the badge, not the efforts!). Catch up soon. Michael

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