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Beck Pitt's Learning Design Project Proposal: Critical Thinking and Philosophical Ideas

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Beck Pitt
11 January 2013

Although philosophy is taught more widely in schools than when I was in Sixth Form/attending school (I did not formally study/read philosophy until I reached University), it would be great to have an accessible, free, complete course which develops critical thinking skills and introduces people to philosophical ideas. The aim would be to widen participation in philosophy...

I'd like to see the use of social media and am particularly interested in developing the course so that it makes use of (or develops) open educational resources (OER)...


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Marie Arndt
1:15pm 11 January 2013

Hi Beck,

Sounds very interesting. Another idea I have had for a long time, is to work out an CBL approach  for textual analysis - I teach English.


Hello Beck,

I agreed with Marie! That sounds very interesting! Your dream project have commun points with mine...

Best regards


Andy Wright
9:22am 16 January 2013

Hi Beck

I studied BA Philosophy at Uni and it has been something I feel passionate about ever since. I am convinced that current UK education still places far too much emphasis on evidence of fact-retention and far too little on nurturing people's ability to think independently, rationally and critically. Working as I do, in the creation of distance learning courses, I have often thought that an OER would be an amazing platform to provide global, easy access to philosophical ideas/principles and a meeting place for inquisitive people, and would encourage more people to believe that Philosphy is not just a stuffy, academic discipline but can be a core foundation for how we think and how we make decisions personally and socially.

In short, I'd be really interested in working on something in this area! :-)


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