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Martin King's OLDS-MOOC learning journal

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Martin King
11 January 2013

Martin King's OLDS-MOOC learning journal

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Martin King
12:14pm 11 January 2013 (Edited 12:48pm 11 January 2013)

What do I want to acheive this week? Let's be realistic.

  • Get on top of the admin and create the various workspaces, twitter searches, bookmarks etc
  • Stick to the Week 1 tasks and find a rhythm of participation
  • Commandeer time from other less constructive activities and use it wisely (i.e. here)
  • Establish some new learner friends

Martin King
1:06pm 11 January 2013

The empty vessel metaphor on the first 'slide' of Yishay's Prezi presentation refers not only to an out-dated insitutional and pedagogic model, but of current VLE usage at many insitutions.  At the start of term, or even once it has begun, there is a mad rush to fill the empty course spaces with pre-exisisting resources.  This is not to say that they are not valuable or are themselves the product of some serious learning design considerations, but that learning design often starts and stops long before the VLE is brought into play.  This may be an indicator of the transition may academics are trying to make between traditional face-to-face teaching and a blended approach.  At my own insitution there are many ongoing fledging attempts at online activites aimed at supportting the sharing and development of new knowledge.  Such activities may be offline but only the products are assessed.  Moving this to an online environment would allows academics to support, assess and provide feedback on curation, development, and critical skills with the advantages of blended learning; flexibility, security, portability, and sustainability.

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