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Nathalie's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal

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Nathalie Sylvie Caroline Ferret
11 January 2013

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Day one - 10th of January 2013

Three thoughts

- Be able to connect with peers of over the world and changing ideas openly is amasing. Still in the beginning of this huge experience but i believe that, after this MOOC, i'll be searching others...without pressions.

- In the manegement of the reading presentations, the title of the topics opened by everyone is important. It determined the line of communs interest, and our choices in participate on a discussion.

- MOTIVATION, is always the essential step to a positive learning, whatever the form or design;

- Completion and Certification are , in my opinion, the Achilles'heel of MOOC. Integration, and a combined courses, within a traditional course and "formal" curriculum, as the one i'm in, is a valid possibility or not?

Nathalie Sylvie Caroline Ferret
13:05 on 11 January 2013

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Nathalie Sylvie Caroline Ferret
6:04pm 23 January 2013 (Edited 6:04pm 23 January 2013)

Day 13th...

There's some gap between my today's (week) activity and my first entusiastic day/week (although timid) in MOOC.

  If we want to really get through, we cannot skip a day (or, in a exagerating way, minutes) of happening discussions or tasks. It's hard and difficult to manage with other priorities.   Some how lost in paradise :) or using a so well put it idea/image  (who's author MOOC's participant I can't recall :( ) of MOOC "Sink or swim"...i'm feeling sinking! So, I better swim, even if it is with slow and short mouvements...


Cristina Neto
4:20pm 24 January 2013

Hi, Nath.

Nice thoughts! 

I believe you must add your clouds to the several cloudscapes, now. 

See you around. You'll findo your way through :)

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