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An introduction - Fawei Geng, the University of Oxford

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Fawei Geng
11 January 2013

Who am I?

Hello all, I am Fawei Geng working at the University of Oxford.  My job is to support both WebLearn (Oxford’s VLE) and the University Podcasting services. 

Educational interests

I have been working in (e) learning/teaching support and research for more than 10 years.   E-learning projects to date cover areas including e-assessment, e-portfolio, course design, impact analysis and student learning experience.  I am particularly interested in working collaboratively and taking a user-centred approach in ICT support.

What do I hope to get out of the course?

Simon rightly mentioned on the Google group discussion page that motivation is one of the key factors for a successful online course.  By the end of the course, I would like to learn how the course candidates can be motivated to go through this interesting MOOC journey.   

As a committed life-long learner, I am also looking forward to learning from the course candidates and making a few more friends to expand my personal learning network :-).

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