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Niall Watts: My Dream: Learning Design Project Proposal - Food 4 Thought

Developing a MOOC around OERs

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Niall Watts
11 January 2013

Niall Watts: Food 4 Thought

Tags: OER, Nutrition, Diet, Scholarcast, Popular Culture

Your situation (context)


We are planning on prototyping our own MOOC. Our initial thought is to reuse OERs created by Media Services in UCD on Food and Health or from the Scholarcast series on Irish popular culture.  We would also be interested in including OERs from others. The MOOC will use the OERs as a basis for online discussion and activities.

A  risk of using food and health is that anorexia champions or diet faddist could take over the MOOC. It would have to be heavily monitored.

We could ask participants to contribute resources such as details of their own diet as text, audio or images. We would encourage peer to peer support and evaluation. 

The change you would like to see (challenge)

Development of a prototype MOOC. Potential benefit the university where work

How you might go about bringing that change

Social constructivist approach.

Extra content

Persona and scenario Emily is a masters student in Northeastern University in Boston. She is studying Anglo Irish literature and is particularly interested in James Joyce 's The Dead. She is considering travelling to Ireland next summer but is worried about the cost. She has considered participating in an online course offered by an Irish university. The fees are high. She is considering participating in a MOOC which will give her a taste of graduate studies in Ireland. Then she will decide whether to travel to the university summer school

Niall Watts
21:11 on 21 January 2013

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Helen Guerin
10:37pm 11 January 2013

We'd be happy to hear any comments you might have on this proposal. Thanks in advance. Regards, Helen

Elizabeth Kate Switaj
11:39pm 11 January 2013

I would definitely be interested in collaborating on a MOOC that uses the Scholarcast materials as starting point or resource.

Helen Guerin
4:34pm 13 January 2013

According to Dalziel et al. (2012) in 'The Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design' the Learning Design Framework (LD-F) describes the range of teaching and learning activities employed irrespective of pedagogical approach. The Learning Design Concept Map (LD-CM) provides the link between the LD-F and the wider educational environment. The Learning Design Practice (LD-P) describes the day-to-day practices of educators as they design activities for learning.

Do people think that the existing Scholarcast content would work well with this structure?

Regards, Helen

Niall Watts
12:59pm 14 January 2013

I think the structure is broad enough to cover any type of content. Focus should be on the learning activities (LD-P)

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