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AB's Learning Journal - Week 1

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Anne Bradbury
11 January 2013


OK, getting started here (after several frustrated - and frustrating - attempts using IE9 , which didn't work - now on Chrome and all OK, so far!)

My learning objectives for this week are:

1). Familiarize myself with OLDS MOOC - layout, material, and so on.

(Progress - ongoing.  Have looked , posted and encountered several technical difficulties which appear to be with the site/tools) 

Uodate on 20/1/13 - I think this will always be 'ongoing' as new threads, sites and information grows exponentially. The MOOC certainly has a 'nature's excess' feel about it!

2) Identify project areas that I am particularly interested in and are relevant to my working context.

(Progress - ongoing. Checking Dreambazaar area on regular basis to identify areas of common interest and have now posted feedback on a few.)

Posted own project idea 'Unit 0'- this prompted some responses but then other commitments prevented quick follow-up so have decided to develop a Study Circle which includes and devlopes original idea with fellow colleague, instead. 

Update 20/1/13 - Have now identified - and restricted myself to - a couple of areas of interest (including own joint Study Circle 'From Unit 0 to Publication') Think that will be more than enough to be involved in, in terms of available time. May also read (but not participate directly) in others of interest. Again, choices and decisions to be made.  

3) Learn to create cloud/cloudscape in Cloudworks which I have not used to any extent before.

(Progress - ongoing. Finding system 'flaky', unusable with IE9 and still familarizing myself). 

Update: 20/1/13 : This is ongoing - need to understand howCloudworks structure and hierarchy works more.

More later.........



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Anne Bradbury
12:30pm 18 January 2013 (Edited 11:05am 21 January 2013)


Well, here again nearly one week on!

Despite good intentions and commitment at the start, other 'life-concerns'  have had to take priority so detailed following of this MOOC has not been possible.

However, this does lead me to reflect on a few things:

i) The amount of material there is to check and lack of 'easy map' to find your way.

It soon becomes clear that 'finding your way' and avoiding overload within this rapidly-changing environment  involves developing strategies very quickly (which may also need to change) eg. waiting to see 'what rises to the top', focussing on particular aspects, trying to identify 'key' areas that are personally meaningful to concentrate on, making choices and decisions.

ii) Daily team updates, while being helpful in some respects (particularly the collating of links of where to look) do also add to the pressure to keep up (and , if that is not possible, the  pressure of being 'behind').

iii) The volume of material, places to work/look and speed envisaged for the MOOC does seem ambitious (maybe unrealistic). Remembering that students have full (time) commitments elsewhere and are 'creating' space for this, the time needed to absorb, reflect/comment on, the time necessary to set up teams etc. is very considerable in such a short space!

 A 'survival kit' might be needed - and should include flexibility, adaptability - and a certain tenacity - to see what will come of this!  Map and compass (ie. newly-provided suggestions about 'shortened' routes through the week's activities), I hope will help!

What sort of structures are needed to encourage 'freedom' and exploration in a cMOOC? Whose freedom are we encouraging - primarily the MOOC team's, the participants - or is it both?

What sort of learning can we expect to gain - is it the sort we anticipated/were looking for? Are there more effective ways of achieving the same thing?

Is crowdsourcing the way to go - or is it more flashmob?

This is an 'immersive' experience so results and learning are unpredictable, which is both a scary and, potentially, exciting situation, (although, of course, it might also be crazy, chaotic and, possibly, doomed)! 

Watch this space!

I will now go and 'back-track' and see what I need to/can do next!


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