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Elizabeth Kate Switaj: My Dream: MOOCs for Books

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Elizabeth Kate Switaj
11 January 2013

I recently completed a PhD in English literature, with a thesis that looks at James Joyce as a teacher.

It seems that within the discipline we rely very heavily on a lecture-and-small-reading-group model. I would like to develop a plan for a MOOC that would play with other ways of reading and responding to literature while also allowing space for participants to create new ways of doing these things. (I am looking more at a connectivist cMOOC model than a corporate xMOOC model.)

My own personal interest is primarily in Joyce, but I think a MOOC like this for any work of literature could serve as a blueprint for others.

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Niall Watts
3:18pm 11 January 2013

We have developed audio podcasts on Joyce and other aspects of Irish culture in our Scholarcast series. Our project paln is to build a prototype MOOC around these (or possibly other) resources. It would be a CMOOC with peer reviews etc. Interested in collaborating?

Elizabeth Kate Switaj
11:35pm 11 January 2013

Yes, definitely!

Mark Nichols
11:30pm 13 January 2013

Hi Elizabeth, as a keen reader of various books (with few people who share my enthusiasm for some of them!) a MOOC possibility would be interesting. So, are you considering a cMOOC design that might be used for different books? I'd love to learn more about what you mean by "other ways of reading and responding to literature", and keen to explore whether the 'other ways' might also apply to books not considered literature, perhaps non-fiction as well.

Elizabeth Kate Switaj
4:27pm 14 January 2013

Hi Mark, the other ways would be something deliberately open-ended to allow for learner-generated ideas, though one idea would be creative responses to supplement analytic ones. Certainly in that regard, it could apply to non-fiction as well as fiction.

Mark Nichols
10:50pm 14 January 2013

Thanks Elizabeth. I'd love to join, please sign me up!

Alisha Portolese
6:39am 15 January 2013

I'm glad we connected on twitter, Elizabeth. I'll st up a study circle cloudscape for our projects. (I'm not sure if the others in this thread are part of your project team or have their own teams and were interested in the looser connected study circle? Either way, looking forward to discussing and connecting :)

Alisha Portolese
6:47am 15 January 2013

Here is the cloudscape I just made if there are any other projects that need to be added!

Elizabeth Kate Switaj
6:05pm 18 January 2013

I've just refocused my project. See

Niall Watts
3:57pm 22 January 2013

I have added a persona and scenario to our Joyce project

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