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Irmgard's project - Virtual Family consolidation

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Irmgard Huppe
11 January 2013

Virtual Family - online learning environment for nurses (adult, mental health, children's, learning disability nursing)

Case studies representing health problems in a coherent way - interprofessional learning

VLE: Moodle

Tools: Moodle tools, Articulate Storyline, Prezi

Material gathered from different nursing fields, for each case study the focus is on a different family member


  • How to make the environment coherent despite using different tools,
  • How to establish achievement of learning outcomes,
  • How to find/create simple yet pleasing artwork to represent the family,
  • How to engage learners

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George Roberts
11:11pm 12 January 2013

Hi Irmgard Would you like to be in a study circle together? I a m not entirely clear abt the distinction between the team or set and the circle. But Yish says the circle is wider. Have also heard from Ilene Dawn about being in a circle george

Irmgard Huppe
3:33pm 14 January 2013

Hi George

I keep getting lost in all these various postings - I think circle is wide enough to include everything :)

But I'm not quite sure what the implications are ... please keep me posted when you find out more.  There's another person from Brookes now who I am in touch with: Jeff Waistell (business). Feels all a bit like up in the clouds - literally. Irmgard

Fawei Geng
11:30am 15 January 2013

Dear old friends,

Hope that you both had a nice break. Nice meeting you here :-)

It is interesting to observe and experience this course.  I guess that a number of people got lost in this rather complex, massive and multiple-channel environment.

My understanding:

  • Team: 2-3 participants to talk about a specific topic
  • A study circle: consists of 2-3 teams whose topics are related

I would like to join you and keep the conversation going if you like.

All the best






Irmgard Huppe
5:18pm 31 January 2013

Hello Fawei, old friend!

Sorry I didn't answer - I got completely lost in the clouds ... got too much to do, as always ;)

How did you get on? Did you get into a study circle?

Would be nice to hear from you!


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