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Anita Monty: Learning Journal for OLD MOOC

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Anita Monty
11 January 2013

Hi, my name is Anita Monty. I live in Denmark at Frederiksberg, which is close to Copenhagen City. I'm the owner of a consulting company called Expect Learning and I work with educational institutions and companies. Often I train teachers to teach online or train consultants to work with online learning design. I'm participating in this MOOC because I would like to learn new things about developing learning designs for online courses. I have worked with online learning in many years, but I think that what I learn from this MOOC is how to design learning communities of informal learning. In my learning journal I will try to describe how it is to be a learner in the OLD MOOC, what I learn and also what I think I can use from it later in my work with clients in my consulting company.  

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