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Gill W: Dream - supporting students studying for Microsoft Certifications

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Gill Windall
11 January 2013


We offer Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams to our undergraduate and postgraduate students.  For some of the exams they will have covered some relevant materials as part of their normal taught courses.  There are some online resourses and practice test for them to look at supplied to us under licence by an external supplier.  There are also other books and websites  around that they can use to prepare.  they can also help each otehr through self-study groups.


  • To help structure the above material for students and facilitate the formation and running study groups.  
  • To provide some tutor support but to minimise the call on staff time.
  • Flexibility.  Diffcult to organise students into cohorts


Miraculously meet the challenges!  Decide the best approach: totally online, blended learning etc.  

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Scenarios for this project - work in progress

Scenarios for this project - work in progress

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