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João Pedro Bourbon: My dream: responsible and effective virtual life

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João Pedro Bourbon
11 January 2013

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Social Media Mashup for Language Learning

Social Media Mashup for Language Learning

added by João Pedro Bourbon


Joshua Underwood
5:44pm 11 January 2013

Hi João,

Your Google Doc doesn't seem to be published (?) so not visible, to me anyway, in the embed above.

Sounds interesting. There are a few of us interested in language learning in one way or another. I found several related threads in the discussion group.

João Pedro Bourbon
5:50pm 11 January 2013

Hi Joshua,

I don't know why it's not embedding properly. I set the publish setting to public on Google Drive. Ohwell..

I've seen your proposal before writing mine, and I recalled that one of my thoughts from some time ago was how to improve things like Livemocha for a more open and collaborative experience. Thanks for  the link to other clouds with related subjects :)


[]s JPB

Laura Ramos
4:40pm 12 January 2013

Hi João! I relate to your project, as I often feel lost on managing all my social profiles. Please keep me updated on that ;)

But I have to ask you how you think that relates to learning design. Because it seems that your dream is more of an application than a learning experience. Please don't be upset by the critique, I just want to alert you that maybe you could adjust your dream a bit more to the purpose of the Mooc.

Maybe you could design a course/learning experience on how to create such a mashup, making students think about what characteristics it should have. Of course, they would have to participate in the language they're learning. What do you think? :) 

[*] LR

Siglinde Pape
6:26pm 14 January 2013


I had the same problem and just got the answer about how to solve it:

"In the google doc you embedded - you need to share it with "everyone with the url" AND then under file "publish to the web"."

hope to read your proposal soon :-)


João Pedro Bourbon
8:41pm 14 January 2013

Hi Siglinde!

Thank you SO much! I was getting really mad a this, but now I realize that was due to my own lack of skill in Google Docs. I used it a few times before, so this is part of my learning too :)

I'm actually going to revise and change the focus of this project from language learning to responsive use of web resources. My idea is to educate today's learners who are many timess overwhelmed by the tools at their disposal and many times don't have the skills to identify what is useful and what is just for entertainment.

[] JPB

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