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Fawei's OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal

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Fawei Geng
11 January 2013

Week 1

13 January 2013

This is my first day of taking part in the course.   I have managed to spare a bit time to create my profile in Couldworks.  The next step is to catch up with more conversations on Google discussion page and clouds created by the course mates.   

To summarise the first day:   confusing, exciting and demanding

Initially it was a bit confusing with how and where to start – the course page, Google discussion or cloudworks; then I got excited to see the active participation; now I realise that the course seems pretty demanding by looking at the amount of reading and user generated content.

:-) Happy MOOC :-)

Extra content

12 January 2013 - Day 2

Presentation: Introduction to learning design

What did I learn from the presentation?

Although I have been working with academics to design 'learning environment' for many years, I have not had the chance to learn about 'learning design'.  My understanding of 'learning design' as a concept is still rather vague. Your presentation provided a comprehensive overview of learning design.  With different ideas/understandings/perspectives buzzing in my head, I would say that these are still new information.  Hope that reading others' posts and joining the debate will help to turn the information to knowledge of my own.

What do I agree with or disagree with? 

As I am still digesting the the points in your presentation,  here are just a few initial thoughts and questions. Your presentation makes me ask questions and reflect on my previous knowledge. I guess this may be the power of 'learning design'. 

  • "...with its big lecture halls, planned as venue where information would be imparted into students in the sense of filling a empty vessel will become obsolete. The new task of the university and its faculty will be to teach how to collect, select, organize and criticize information thus turning it into knowledge. "  - Elkan Y. and Klopper H

I am not sure how it can be said as 'new' task. "Collect, select, organize and criticize information": hasn't this always been one of the tasks of the university even before computer was invented?  Teachers provide reading list. Students seek and select information from the books. Then information is organised and criticized in an essay.

  • I totally agree that the big picture faced by the university makes it even more critical to clarify the purpose of education and the role of the university.    
  • "everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations to desired ones"  - Simon
    It is important to evaluate the existing situations before necessary changes are introduced.  This becomes even more important when resources are limited.  'Desired ones': it is necessary to get the end users to be involved as they are the real judges. 
  • "a mutual learning process between users and designers": this is a nice one as it  stresses the importance of 'people'. I believe that 'people' ought to be the central point of 'learning design'.  
  • "how to represent teaching practice from a technical perspective in the development and delivery of online learning environment; how to represent teaching practice in appropriate form to enable teachers to share ideas about innovative online pedagogy and think about the process of design." 

    I agree with this as it covers both technical and pedagogical aspects.

  • Question: how do you understand 'learning development'? How is it related to learning design?
  • Question: several definitions of ‘Learning design’ seem indicating that 'learning design' is introduced to improve teaching and learning in the new environment where computer is used.  I guess that ‘learning design’ can be used in any learning and teaching environment, right?

How is it relevant to your project?

I have not decided a particular project yet. 

My job is to support academics in using appropriate technologies to support their teaching by helping them to explore, select, evaluate and use technologies. 

Therefore everything in this course will help me do a better job.

Fawei Geng
22:04 on 12 January 2013 (Edited 21:21 on 20 January 2013)

Week 2

20th Jan  - a rather late start of week 2 as I have caught cold on Friday and been feeling pretty bad L.   Lots of work needs to be done to catch up.


  • contextualise my learning design project by developing a rough scenario
  • share my scenario via Cloudworks and Google+ with other team members and gain feedback
  • Based on the feedback from others,  improve the scenario
  • Reflect on the importance of context for learning design
  • Try to understand different contextual approaches to learning design

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Compare my initial scenario with the final design plan for my project at the end of week to see what changes that I have made and what I have learnt during the week
  • Summarise and reflect on if and how what I learnt during the week help me better design my project


Fawei Geng
21:24 on 20 January 2013 (Edited 21:32 on 20 January 2013)

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