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Sue Watling My Dream Learning Design Project: DIY video/audio learning resources

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Sue Watling
11 January 2013

DIY Google Group at!forum/olds-mooc-diy-multimedia 

I'm experimenting with a Google Group as an alternative to Cloudworks, if  I can work out how to invite everyone who has expressed interest in DIY Multimedia I will send invitations but in the meantime, please do go to the link and request membership. 

DIY Multimedia links at 

I've started a collection of links to free audio and video software on this bibsonomy site 

My project is to provide guidelines for creating audio and video learnng resources which are effective and inclusive. Multimedia can be a powerful online learning experience; in particular when people are speaking about their own experiences. Technology developments mean we no longer have to rely on professional studios but can adopt a DIY approach. I would like to develop a DIY handout guide for staff wanting to use audio and video in their online learning environments. 

There is now a DIY Multimedia Cloudscape - with more details - at 

Please let me know if you are interested :-) is the quickest way to contact me 

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Not sure of the best way to set up communication yet so posting in multiple places hoping this gets picked up!  Have suggestied waiting to see if anyone else comes forward today and then look to establishing ourselves as a group with a cloud/google hangout meeting - does that sound ok? In the mean time we could may be think and write a little bit more about what we would like to get out of this group and share this.  I've blogged this morning on MOOCs and Multimedia OLD which may be useful to anyone interested in using multimedia in their online learning designs.   

on reflection I'm not sure this was the best place to post this as it was directed at a colleague - how confusing is all of these multiple platforms and what a good learning curve! :-) 

Sue Watling
07:36 on 12 January 2013 (Edited 15:02 on 12 January 2013)

I've set up a Cloudscape at called

DIY Multimedia for Teaching and Learning (Sue Watling OLDS MOOC)

(Exercise in trying to make the title as useful as possible) 

I'm now going to attempt to contact everyone who has expressed interest in a DIY approach to multimedia to bring you all into the same place - this might not work - so am keeping virtual fingers crossed :-) 

Sue Watling
09:47 on 14 January 2013

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