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Larry Bonura: My dream: Have Smartphone, Will Write

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Larry Bonura
11 January 2013

Why should I, a writer, own and use a smartphone?

The smartphone is becoming ubiquitous, with more than half of users now owning one,  Author Nancy Hendrickson calls them the “go anywhere machines.”  These 6-ounce computer powerhouses offer the writer incredible business functions in addition to mobility and the ability to work anywhere anytime, with nearly a fully functioning set of applications that can make your life as a writer easier, even if your writing continues to be difficult and challenging.

I'd like to develop the design structure for a smartphone app that will not only help the professional writer learn what can be done on the device, but also allows them to actually accomplish those goals.  It will be a unique app because its primary goal is to instruct writers on the value of the smartphone and what can be accomplished to maximize managing their writing business activities, including actually writing on the device.

A smartphone keeps your writing project as close as your shirt pocket in distance, and less than 15 seconds away in time.  With your smartphone, you can write virtually anywhere—quickly and efficiently.  If you can write it with a pen and paper, you can write it using a smartphone.

20 reasons why

Here are some reasons why a smartphone should be your best buddy when you write.  Included are some software and hardware possibilities with web sites URLs as well as pictures illustration each of these options.  In no particular order, here are my favorite 20 reasons to own and use a smartphone as a professional writer:

  1. Writing and editing documents

  2. Taking notes and capturing ideas

  3. Organizing thoughts

  4. Managing writing projects

  5. Managing publishing contacts

  6. Recording your thoughts

  7. Releasing your creative artist side

  8. Entertaining yourself

  9. Delivering Information

  10. Sharing data easily

  11. Browsing the web

  12. Plotting your way with GPS

  13. Calendaring your writing life

  14. Getting email on the road

  15. Inputting through various means

  16. Putting reference material at hand

  17. Tracking your writing expenses as a business

  18. Keeping tour tasks at hand

  19. Carrying your data with you

  20. Browsing the library

Anyone with thoughts about this project?

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Derek Chirnside
10:52pm 13 January 2013



  1. I don't type very fast with my thumbs
  2. I love the reminders, lists, pictures, recording, googling.  But I use a lot of Tags, follow up later etc.
  3. Use the MP# recorded to capture ideas more than tying notes.

SP's are more a consumer rather than a creator tool for me.  Need a keyboard or a tablet.


Larry, I'll follow this and will watch with interest.

Jonathan Vernon
11:18pm 13 January 2013

This interests me a great deal as I have worked in a collaborative team producing drama and know that the interaction of multiple creative contributions is vital. In workshops I've worked with writers and actors to construct scripts collaboratively too. The internet offers, if you can stay friends on the copywrite and credit issues, an extraordinary vehicle to write collaboratively get better scripts and more produced. At a professional level there is a person needed here - your agent or a manager to negotiate the interplay of the 'group' or 'band' that forms ... or a director with the single vision to hold it all together?

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