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Carolyn Gregoire: Learning Design Project - Human Rights Education for Educators

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Carolyn Gregoire
11 January 2013


I'm designing an eLearning resource for teachers, principals, school boards and consultants to educate them about their human rights in the areas of employment and services.  This is important because school boards get human rights complaints from staff and students.  Through this education, we hope to reduce the number of human rights complaints and issues in our school boards and foster a culture of human rights in the education sector.

The Challenge:

The eLearning resource must:

  • Focus on human rights in employment and services
  • Include practical examples, links to Ministry of Education strategies, next steps and additional resources. 
  • Be short (10 minutes or less) to make it appealing and achievable for the education audience.  This is probably the biggest challenge - getting lots of information across in a small amount of time.
  • Be attractive and appealing for educators so that it can be effectively promoted and recommended

How to bring about this change:

I'm thinking of using Captivate to create an interactive video, but this isn't set in stone.  More thinking to do here....

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Ann Davis
3:17pm 19 January 2013

Captivate is really nice because it does allow you to branch off as desired, so I think you might have some flexibilty in the traning.

The first question I would ask when looking at all of the material is what is the most important item (or items) that the student leaves with, so if nothing else, it is X.  If the follow the course strictly screen by screen, it will take them 10 minutes and they will leave away with X.  However, you could add branches within Captivate to examples, videos, etc -have a note if you would like to see X in action click on this link, it will take about 3 minutes.

If you are looking for interactivity, it is very easy to create click and reveal (take advantage of using multiple actions so that it does not have to be linear).

I recently viewed a short course where students were given a scenario and had to choose the path.  It was OK to choose both correct and incorrect because they got to see the consequences or going down the wrong path. this could be a supplment item for the course. Go here and look for the one called "Broken Co-Worker". FYI - not endorseing this product and gave you the top link in case you wanted to look at other examples. Something like this could easily be acheived in Captivate.

Hope this is helpful!

Carolyn Gregoire
2:30pm 21 January 2013

Hi Ann,

Your idea re: using Captivate branches is extremely helpful, thank you!  I was struggling with how to present a large amount of information in just 10 minutes, and I think this is a great solution. 

I might even be able to replace a traditional quiz with a scenario...we'll see how this unfolds!

Thanks again,


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