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Roger Handyside: Blended Learning Units for pre-University courses

Here is my proposal for a project for this MOOC

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Roger Handyside
11 January 2013

Context:  Converting existing traditional F2F school A level teaching with blended learning units (16-19). Geography and biology.  Collaborating with staff in EDB research project.  Some resistance to changing practice.  Diverse range of students, classes of 15 - 25.  High stakes exam, teachers & students wary of change that might divert attention from outcomes.

Change:  Active use of the school VLE (Moodle 2.3) students engaged with independent work, including collaborative and individual work.  Students given opportunities for guided further study.  Transition to HE eased by less ‘spoon feeding’, more independent work and student self confidence.

Approach:  Moodle 2.3 is the school VLE, technical support, though ICT heavily filtered.  Aim is to create scaffolded constructivist opportunities using Moodle tools.  Creation of learning sequences (ped. patterns) represented by Compendium/LSDE for sharing with other teachers.  Blended learning model using best of F2F and online opportunities.  Consideration of Community of Inquiry, cognitive load and examples of relevant good practice from HE.

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Jonathan Vernon
11:23pm 17 January 2013

I'm interested in picking up on this. I can picture it as a pupil - Geogrraphy A' Levels and First Degree. I enjoy the succint context - it makes sense. I've been in and out of schools in various capacities to get the picture. All very clear and actionable. I've just finished the Masters in Open and Distance Educaiton with the OU so am looking at projects like this - to think it through in the real world. 

Mélanie Bennett
6:28am 18 January 2013

I think I could learn a lot from you.  I always wanted to convert a F2F course to a blended or online course but I don't really know how.  I have only taken three courses in my M.Ed. in D.E. (Athabasca University, Canada) and I don't know learning technologies yet.  So far I have used only blogs and forums.  I have facilitated courses that involved blended learning, such as a the University of British Columbia and with the public service.  In high school, there was some discomfort with the idea of blogs, even though the curriculum included blogs in English and French class.  There were misconceptions and the principal thought of cyberbullying.  That was in 2007.  Perhaps things have changed, I have since left high school teaching but I might return.  Maybe I could follow you or join your group or learn from you.  It sounds like you are experienced with Moodle.

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