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Morris Pamplin
11 January 2013

I'm an educational technologist at City University London and this is my second MOOC. I heard about the course on Twitter and there seemed to be a real buzz around it, plus the topic of learning design is something I've dabbled in recently, so it seemed like good timing to get involved in this course and meet some like-minded people.

My main (work) research interests right now are in learning spaces, lecture capture, electronic feedback and constructively aligned assessment. At work I'm particularly interested in engaging academic staff in the use of multimedia e.g. video, podcasting.

What I really want to get out of the OLDS MOOC is the experience of taking part in a collaborative, constructivist MOOC. I'm here to learn, but it's the format and setup of the course that really attracted me. 

See you out there!

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Sue Watling
1:34pm 12 January 2013 (Edited 1:36pm 12 January 2013)

Dear Mo

I replied to your emial but am not sure if that is how it works so thought I'd post a comment here to say thanks for getting in touch; not sure if this is bad cloud manners or not but it sounds like it would be useful to work together. I suggest waiting to see if anyone else comes forward today and then look to establishing ourselves as a group with a cloud/google hangout meeting - does that sound ok as the next step?

In the mean time we could may be think and write a little bit more about what we would like to get out of this group and share this. It would be good to establish the preferred method of contact. I'm finding all the options a bit time consuming! How are you getting on with the variety of communication options? 

I've blogged this morning on MOOCs and Multimedia OLD which may be useful.  

Have a good w/e



Sue Watling
2:18pm 15 January 2013

Hello Mo

I’ve set up a DIY Multimedia for Teaching and Learning Google Group at!forum/olds-mooc-diy-multimedia

And posted on Monday’s task Learning design brainstorm inviting DIY Multimedia members to describe their own thoughts on learning design.

Please feel free to add a few thoughts on how you all approach learning design.

Also how are you all finding the MOOC? So far for me the Massiveness has been a bit overwhelming. I’m hoping once we are all in the same place then collaboration and communication may get a little easier!  


Sue Watling
1:42pm 18 January 2013

Hi Mo, You're now a member of!forum/olds-mooc-diy-multimedia Welcome and please do feel free to browse and comment. One week on and I'm still rather confused by the massiveness of it all but we are slowly carving out a little corner to discuss DIY Multimeda :-) Sue

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