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Helen Crump: Design Project:: Digital Me -Understanding Digital Literacies

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Helen Crump
11 January 2013

My situation

I’m an adult literacy tutor and I live on the West Coast of Ireland (originally from Nottingham) . I'm also a very recent graduate of St. Angela's College, Sligo where I completed an M.A. awarded by NUI Galway in Technology, Learning, Innovation and Change.

I’m interested in digital literacies and social learning, which ideally I'd like to teach online in a Higher Education or professional development context. For that reason, I'm developing my skills and knowledge in relation to online pedagogy and instructional design (which I’m going to refer to as learning design from now on).

My learning design project

I’m already developing my course through participation in Pedagogy First  ,which is a small MOOC like programme led by volunteers of Mira Costa College, San Diego, which focuses on online pedagogical skills.

However, within OLDSMOOC I’d like to develop some learning design skills so as to help me develop my course as effectively as possible.

I have been blogging about my progress on the course so far:

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Jane Challinor
9:56am 12 January 2013 (Edited 11:43am 12 January 2013)

Hi Helen

I am currently in Nottingham - at NTU. I am also interested in somethign around teahcing digital literacy - in a blend of f2f and online - with first year students. I want to zap some life into our traditional study and research skills module. The Pedagogy First mini mooc looks exciting - I will investigate further!


Catherine El-Bez
4:08pm 12 January 2013

Hi Helen, Hi jane,

I'm also interested to develop a 'small mooc' on digital literacy and personnel learning environment. I'm more interested by the connectivist feature of a cMOOC than by the 'massive' one.

In case, you would like to collaborate on a common project, tell me, my email:


Jane Challinor
4:26pm 12 January 2013

There is a discussion about digital literacy as a possible project over on the OLDSMOOC open discussion forum!topic/olds-mooc-open/X-LzD73DnbU

where a number of people are keen on formign a team to work on this.


Katharine Reedy
6:36pm 12 January 2013

I'd like to be part of that - I'll go to the discussion form as soon as I can

Helen Crump
11:33pm 12 January 2013

Hello Ladies

I seem to be a bit lost in the clouds right now... there are quite a few references to digital literacy and digital literacies floating around and they all seen to mean something slightly different to everyone. I did see a cloud called Digital Literacy and a mindmap of digital tools that had a comment added to it by Jane saying that she was more interested in information literacy and social media literacy and academic study skills, which goes for me too. Any way, I can't seem to find that cloud now. I have also come across a proposal by Joe Nicholls on digital literacy/ literacies.

I think I'm going to have to study what exactly is involved in this project and and get proficient in naviagting all these clouds. I'll come back tomorrow.

Jane Challinor
11:49am 13 January 2013

Hi Helen

the cloudscape is generally around digital literacy but I have now added a cloud on digital identity and social media. Unless I get thrown out on my ear, I think it is OK to add to the cloudscape a little fluffy cloud on any related topic. I have simply been adding a few links in there.

It would be good if you joined in rather than having a separate cloudscape, but if you do decide to go your own way, let me know so I can join you!

Its all new to me, so I guess we just stumble along until meaning emerges!


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