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Saif Altalib: My Dream: ID Knowledge Center

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Saif Altalib
11 January 2013

Many times I need access to a design principle, learning theory, or audience characteristic that would help me in my design. I plan to build a knowledge center that would allow me to find instructional design knowledge instantly (two click under 10 seconds). 

To make this dream a reality I need to build a robust platform, and then populate and maintain it with the best knowledge in our profession.

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Christie McKee
9:25pm 13 January 2013 (Edited 9:26pm 13 January 2013)

Great topic.  Interested in a team member?

I am a PhD ID student in dissertation phase-frustrated with disorganization of ID Information.

Cicero Mukes
10:43pm 14 January 2013

Sounds interesting. Would you also include relevant/real examples? Interested in a team member?

Cicero Mukes
7:05pm 15 January 2013

hHey Saif, check this out:

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