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Sandie's Learning Journal

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Sandie Gay
11 January 2013

Really excited to see how MOOCs work and whether they will be sustainable and so perhaps finally really transform learning.....

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Sandie Gay
8:04pm 18 January 2013

Definitely found it all overwhelming at the start - it seemed so many postings, so many different thought clouds, so many links to so many communcation channels, groups, discussions..........

Starting to find my round a bit.  Have expressed an interest in three proposals.  Found Alan Clarke's (NIACE) on online learning design for ACL and Dan McCafferty's JISC proposal for online learning design for FE - good link. Also the Digilit on defining digital literacy/literacies - thought provoking.

Sandie Gay
8:07pm 18 January 2013

Also, managing to find the discussions on Google Groups - some very high level discussion - some of it is over my head at the moment and they seem to have lots of links to follow and I don't have enough time.........but have commented on a couple. 

Alan Clarke
8:55pm 18 January 2013

Hi Sandie

I have replied to your question about what happens next but thought I should tell your here since I now have a doubt that you are notified of any messages that are posted.

The message is:

"If you visit OLD MOOC Adult Education Team cloudscape you will find a cloud OLD MOOC Team Overview with an invitation to edit the draft overview so we can agree it. I have also added a scenario and Force diagram clouds which you are welcome to comment on and amend etc. I thought the place to start was the outline and then perhaps we could try to follow the course programme i.e. context next. However, happy to hear your views.

I have given you admin rights in the cloudscape which I asume will allow you to make changes."






Sandie Gay
5:11pm 21 January 2013

Not keeping up with all the tasks and activities as there seems to be so much to read and learn.  Being involved in the Adult Education project team is helping though as I am able to contribute using my knowledge and experience of ACL.  I am grasping the process of learning design as it's broken down into the individual parts - context, scenarios, ecology of resources, personas although relying heavily on Alan as he is quick to provide the basis on which I can help build.  

I am starting to make sense of the Cloudworks system but still get lost when trying to find some of the study groups and cloudscapes.  Just keep at it is my best advice to myself!

Helen Whitehead
12:33pm 22 January 2013

Welcome to Team Lost - hopefully one place you can join in while you dip your toe in other waters :)


Dan McCaffrey
2:30pm 23 January 2013

Hi Sandie-I agree with you re. information overload, I have my doubts about Cloudscape....

Just to let you know that I've invited Alan to be part of the study circle, think he's got this but who knows?!


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