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AK: Project Design Proposal - Graduate Level mLearning Course in MOOC format [OLDS MOOC]

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Apostolos Koutropoulos
11 January 2013

This is the project design proposal, for the Dreambazaar, for Week 1 of OLDS MOOC

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Mobile Learning Course Creation


Tags: mLearning, graduate school, instructional design, Open Course Design


For reference purposes,


Now I am thinking of the design considerations of the same course as a cMOOC :-)


Your situation (context)

Describe the material and social characteristics of the environment in which you operate. Where will your project take place? Who are the main actors involved? Include images, videos, sketches - anything that would help others understand the opportunities and constraints you are dealing with.

This is an open project in that anyone is welcomed to join, participate, co-develop and co-lead! The technologies to be used are open (as in free-to-use) technologies on the web.  There is no support for this project at an institutional level, so I am working on it as a hobby. The only constraints for this project are that:


  • Sound learning design/instructional design theories need to be employed in the continued development of the course
  • The course needs to be open for everyone (with some required background) to take and modify for their own purposes.
  • Preferably this course would be a cMOOC.




The change you would like to see (challenge)

What do you hope to achieve? What would be different if you succeed?

With all of the notoriety of xMOOCs this past year, good online course design went un-noticed and a lot of MOOCs seem to have come by way of the cookie cutter.  


I am interested in taking a graduate level course in mobile learning (introduction to mobile learning) and designing a cMOOC that is not based on the cookie cutter/automation approach. The course needs to be a graduate course as far as "academic rigor" goes.


The goal here is to provide some light in what learning design makes for a good MOOC, while using the case of mLearning as the usecase.





How you might go about bringing that change

What is your pedagogical approach? Which technologies will you use to implement it, and how?

I am open to discussing alternatives. This is, actually, why I joined the dreambazaar :-)



Apostolos Koutropoulos
22:35 on 11 January 2013 (Edited 15:21 on 12 January 2013)

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