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Katharine Reedy - OLDSMOOC learning journal

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Katharine Reedy
12 January 2013

Here is the beginnings of my learning journal. My interest is in seeing if I can make progress with designing digital and information literacy into a degree programme: to come up with an approach which could be used in different circumstances.

My context is the Open University, so naturally I am thinking of OU qualifications.

At the moment I am feeling quite overwhelmed by the amount of stuff going on for this MOOC, all over the place, but I'm hoping my filtering capabilities will kick in and I will start to see a clear way forward.

There is plenty of interest in digital literacy (or literacies) so I'm hopeful I will find a likeminded group of people to team up with.

That's it for now - need to do my dreambazaar page now.

By the way, if you come across a second Katharine Reedy it's because I somehow managed to set up another profile even though I already had one on Cloudworks. This is the real me - I'll try to delete the other one shortly.

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