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A significant learning experience

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Martin Weller
14 April 2008

I got students to describe a significant learning experience. It could be good or bad, but they had to say why it was memorable. They then analysed the experiences of other students and were asked to draw out factors that helped make a learning experience memorable. This then provoked discussion about the design of good learning experiences. We did this via a shared database, but could be done in classroom also, or through a wiki.

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Chris Pegler
10:39am 18 April 2008

I was involved in the same course and one of the most intreresting things that I found about this resource was that it worked well no matter when the students started on it because it was possible to pre-seed the database with learning experiences from the course team and, after the first year, there were other examples (with the agreement of past students). The selection of learning experiences to compare with just got better and better. Good design for use in a course with learning objects. Martin calledit a collective learning object.

Nathan Lomax
11:06am 17 August 2009 (Edited 7:30am 26 August 2009)

Good idea, for my context (English Language Teaching) I would suggest providing a model first by interviewing a few people & doing a listening comprehension - students could go on to interview other people and report back - something like 'a valuable lesson' which could be structured with questions/examples

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