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Luís Salema
12 January 2013


My name is Luís Salema. I’m from Portugal.

I’m a teacher of Portuguese language and literature, latin and greek, at secondary school.

I worked at the University of the Algarve and I’m a on line tutor at Universidade Aberta (Portuguese Open University).

I have a Master in Sciences of Speech and Hearing. My dissertation was in the intersection field of dialectology, experimental phonetics and computer language processing.

I have a post graduate course in Information Management and School Libraries.

Now, I’m a PhD student at Universidade Aberta (Distance Education and E-learning).

As a researcher, my interests are language learning, online language learning and linguistics.

I’m very curious about history, classical studies and about different countries and cultures.

I like to travel and to learn more. I think this new online experience will be great. I will have the opportunity to learn more about learning design and about technology, with people from different countries and with different approaches to these areas.



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Personal learning objectives for the 1st  week


> Understand how the course will develop;

> Explore some resources, by following the facilitators’ instructions;

> Present myself;

> Find people with the same interests;

> Comment some opinions;

> Read about MOOCs and learning design.


All these objectives are very easy to check, because they are based on specific tasks: if I complete my work, my objectives will be achieved. So, in order to verify that, I will check my participation in the different spaces of the course (e. g. forum, cloudworks…).

Luís Salema
11:15 on 12 January 2013 (Edited 19:33 on 16 January 2013)

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