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Bill Steele's Week 1 Reflect

Wk1 Reflect

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Bill Steele
12 January 2013

Wk1 Reflect

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The first week has been interesting, confusing, disappointing and much more. My expectations of a MOOC designed by the OU was extremely high - perhaps too high. I expected that we would be herded through a linear induction process in order that we would all be at least familar with the technologies before embarking on the learning process but this did not happen. The full complexity of the system was presented and it felt overwhelming and still does. Cloudworks appears to be a very powerful tool but the user interface would appear to require a fair degree of work in order that it can be easily controlled by the user.

The expectation of what could be completed in the first week appears to me to be too much and also what should be undertaken being divided into daily activities does not match with most participants work schedules. A checklist of what is expected in the first week would have been enough and preferrably that the checklist could have been marked off as it was undertaken would have been helpful.

As to joining or creating a team I have found this to be the most frustrating. Reading through such a large quantity of proposals in the hope that you find a matching proposal that does not already have the requisite number of participants etc I found to be very time consuming and did not help in the end.

Are the timescales provided for completing the activities a fair reflection of the work involved - if they are then I must be one of the substandard attendees

At the end of the week I have decided to try and continue as the subject area is of great interest but I will be carrying out the project as an individual and if anyone should wish to join me then I will glasly work in a team

Bill Steele
06:47 on 19 January 2013

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