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Nathalie's dream…Learning design proposal project:What values for the 21st Century? – New approaches of an ancient question.

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Nathalie Sylvie Caroline Ferret
12 January 2013

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Laura Ramos
4:23pm 12 January 2013

Nat, really hoping for you to develop on your dream. Just for the title, it looks like a real challenge and very adequate for this day and age. Hurry, you're killing me with the wait!!

Hi, Laura :)! It's a huge theme, isn't it? So bigger than me...and plus the fact that I also dream to integrate this theme in a "online space-course" of discussion/learning for domestic parents/educators (domestic education). I'm a big dreamer, like I said, somewhere else :). For the instance, i'll be keeping this way, enjoying learning and trying to understand this overwhelming world of MOOC!

Cristina Neto
12:57pm 13 January 2013

Hi, Nath, found you! :)

Manuel Augusto Alves Lousa
5:59pm 20 January 2013

Your dream is really a huge dream. I hope you can make it, cause it's quite a challenge. My question is: Are there still real values or are they just a dream?


Hello, Manuel :)

Sorry to answer only now...I am going to try to pursuit my goals, as I have done still now and within my teenagers ex-teachering practice. Little and simple steps, gestures, after others, forward to bigger ones, and so on... ;) I believe that living seads here and there can I'm a dreamer, ok, but a awake one (I hope ;))!

Values exists, of course!!! Helping each other isn't a value?

But, what do you mean when you say "real" values? Have you in mind some of these values that aren't, no more, "real"? Which one, for example?

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