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Shared Study Space for Teresa Murphy and Denise Ozdeniz

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Denise Ozdeniz
12 January 2013

This is where Teresa Murphy and Denise Ozdeniz will collaborate when working on the OldsMooc Leaerning Design Course. I am trying to follow the week one initiative instructions and link the collaborative space to my Cloud scape, but I cannot get a google circle specific address for the OldsMOOC circle.

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Teresa and I abandoned our Edu blog because the first blog that Denise opened was embedded within her EFL Through iPads blog. We have now created a shared Wikispace at Under each name we have created a learning journal and a learning design project area. At present our concern is how to integrate all aspects of the MOOC so that we do not repeat ourselves.

Denise Ozdeniz
12:24 on 14 January 2013

Sadly we have not been able to make this wiki public as we are unable to get a Google Money card and pay the 1 $. The system would not accept any of our details or addresses. We may need to try our hand at another blog, which is a shame as we both wanted to work with wiki. Alternatively, we may use the wiki for ourselves and entry pivotal excerpts into the learning journal on Cloudspace. Or we could give you all the user name and password- log in details. Bewitched, befuddled and bewildered are we. Good luck to everyone with their endeavours. Denise & Teresa

Denise Ozdeniz
12:35 on 15 January 2013

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Denise Ozdeniz
12:25pm 13 January 2013

I am still unsure of how effectively I have created a Google Cirlce and so I created an edu blog as well At the moment I am posting in my shared study space, and so I need to copy this comment into my learning journal too. I feel that my technological skills are not really up to the challenge of participating on an online course and whilst I feel discombabulated, i also feel excited by the learning journey I am taking. However, there is an element of frustration that there isn't an authority figure/ a greater knower, overseeing my work and saying 'No, that Google cirlce is not working as it should and you need to do x,y and z."

If I continue to be unable to see the chain of correspondance, I am writing to myself both here and in the learning journal, I will write to the support team. First, I need to go back to the course blog and read their suggestions for nagivating Cloudworks. This may be where an unmotivated student would give up. Having read blog entries scooped by Peter Bryant, I can see that self regulation and meta cognitive awareness as a learner are crucial to the MOOC approach to continuing self development and education. At present all of my energy is going to equiping myself with the basic skills and ' digital stationery' to participate on the course. I have not been able to engage with the content due to the time that the set up stage is taking. I have also exceeded the time I allotted to following this online course. I feel that this is the position many of my learners are in when they are total beginners in English trying to access, interact with and store material on an iPad. Being a learner on this course, is certainly increasing my sympathy for struggling students on my courses.

Joshua Underwood
11:20pm 14 January 2013

Hi Denise,

Your project sounds interesting, something around developing speaking competence using iPads, no? I'd like to find out more but I followed the link to your wikispace and it asked for a log in. Is it private?


Denise Ozdeniz
11:33am 15 January 2013

It is not intended to be private. I need to try to alter that. This is the first time I am using wikispaces and so am experiencing hiccoughs. Yes, you are right about oral competencies and iPads. Denise

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