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Shared Study Space for Teresa Murphy and Denise Ozdeniz

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Denise Ozdeniz
12 January 2013

This is where Teresa Murphy and Denise Ozdeniz will collaborate when working on the OldsMooc Leaerning Design Course. I am trying to follow the week one initiative instructions and link the collaborative space to my Cloud scape, but I cannot get a google circle specific address for the OldsMOOC circle.

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Teresa and I abandoned our Edu blog because the first blog that Denise opened was embedded within her EFL Through iPads blog. We have now created a shared Wikispace at Under each name we have created a learning journal and a learning design project area. At present our concern is how to integrate all aspects of the MOOC so that we do not repeat ourselves.

Denise Ozdeniz
12:24 on 14 January 2013

Sadly we have not been able to make this wiki public as we are unable to get a Google Money card and pay the 1 $. The system would not accept any of our details or addresses. We may need to try our hand at another blog, which is a shame as we both wanted to work with wiki. Alternatively, we may use the wiki for ourselves and entry pivotal excerpts into the learning journal on Cloudspace. Or we could give you all the user name and password- log in details. Bewitched, befuddled and bewildered are we. Good luck to everyone with their endeavours. Denise & Teresa

Denise Ozdeniz
12:35 on 15 January 2013

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