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Dreambazaar - oldsmooc - Helen Whitehead - e-assessment including of MOOCs

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Helen Whitehead
12 January 2013

I'd like to do a project on e-assessment materials to support face tof ace and online courses, including MOOCs.

More here

I've been struck down by 'flu so I can't do a lot of work on it this weekend...   hope I manage to find a group to work with!

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Patricia Gandara De Marshall
4:16pm 15 January 2013

I am interest in your project. I am Patricia from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Today I  formal start to follow the mooc, its not very easy right now, but I hope I will participate an be more active

in the study circles.

For this moment I am surfing the dreambazaar to see the others projects, I hope you can recuperate from your flu.





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