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Minh : My dream : Teaching and learning in higher education

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Thi Le Minh Nguyen
12 January 2013


I am really interested in how to teach and learn effectively in higher education, especially in the field of Health. Do anyone has the same idea?



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Ana Margarida Santos
3:22pm 13 January 2013


I am Ana Margarida from Portugal and until October I was a higher education teacher in a private institute. I teached biochemistry to students of Health (nurses, phisioterapists, environemntal health) for several years.

My problem over the years was how to engage studentes to this complex content? I used Moodle as support and I included (nurses) over the years research works on hereditary patologies (linking their field of study) and mind maps. Even though the students had many dificulties to approav.

I would like to teach more effectively, like you said. What is your area?



Moessinger Sylvia
8:01pm 13 January 2013

Hallo Minh and Ana,

I am Sylvia from Germany working in a vocational school, similar to colleges in the USA or UK. My main subject is health as well, preparing students for a future job in healthcare. Next school year I will also teach geriatric nurses. We use Moodle on our school as well, but it is more used as a repository.

I haven't made up my mind yet about a project, so we might come together.


Thi Le Minh Nguyen
12:18pm 14 January 2013

Hello Anna and Sylvia,

Thank you very much for sharing your interesting in my learning design project.
I am Minh from Vietnam. I am working as an officer in a school of health in my country over 4 months.  I am not a lecturer now, may be I become a lecturer in next year. My major is in pharma biotech. In fact, I have just made up my mind about effective teaching and learning in higher education. My problems is how to engage students to do research on Health? How about your problems? May we come together and discuss about our topic?
I hope to cooperate  with you.
Kind regards,

Ana Margarida Santos
9:41pm 16 January 2013


Sorry, but this last 2 days I was very busy.

To engage students with biochemistry I choosed a serie of genetic diseases (rare) witinh the four groups of biomolecules.

Each grupo had to do 4 works no longer than a page (bibliography not included).

The form of avaliation was explicited in the beginning of the semester.

What was pretended with thw work also was explained in the beginning. I asked them to research the disease and to respond to a series of items like definitin, type of hereditary trait, mechanism, simptoms and treatment. They thought this was very interesting but they lack skills to do basic information research in english. Even though I got interesting papers obver the years. Last year I asked them to do the work as a poster. And at the end of the semester they had to present to the class each poster and to respond to questions of collegues and from me.

Moodle had a major role in this but the idea was to promote the work witihn in a Wiki and the discussion between them in the foruns. But I had not the time to plan this nor to follow up.

Linking theorie and practice in this area in my opinion is fundamental.

What do you think of this?



Thi Le Minh Nguyen
10:38pm 22 January 2013

Hello Ana,

In my school, we do not use the Moodle, but I know Moodle is the best sofware serving for Academic when I studyed in my University. Also, I think your idea about linking theories to practice is good. Can we discuss about it? Do you have any idea to implement this?

Best wishes,

Minh Nguyen



Ana Margarida Santos
2:24pm 25 January 2013

Hello Minh,

Moodle has a tool named wiki that enables students to make a collaborative work. The teamwork I've explained it on the post above and the idea was that the students should make the activitie in the wiki at Moodle.

That way we can use Moodle and a collaborative tool.


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