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Of journeys, journals and jottings

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Lesley Shield
12 January 2013

Is this a learning journal? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It all depends. On what? On how you define 'learning journal'. Time was, in the deepest recesses of time past, a 'learning journal' was an item that you kept on paper and shared only with your tutor or mentor. There was a contract you both signed to this effect, and woe betide the tutor or mentor who shared the content of your learning journal with anyone else.

And then there's the 'blog.'.. That's what I think this is. It may define a learning journey, but, for me, it's by no means a 'learning journal'. It's a collection, a mish-mash, a pot pourri of musings, observations and general reflections on the experience of OLDS MOOC. It's open. It's not private. It's not a 'learning journal'.

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