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Jonathan Vernon - Introduction for Olds MOOC 2013

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Jonathan Vernon
12 January 2013

I work in a variety of environments that are academic, the arts and sports. Academically my interests are education theory and practice, history (in particular the First World War); in the arts my interests are in video production, theatre, fiction and fine art while in sport my interest is coaching swimming. I have had my own production company and have worked for agencies, production companies, a university and a secondary school. Interests include user generated content and social media, augmented reality and virtual assistants.

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Sue Watling
2:19pm 15 January 2013

Hello Jonathan

I’ve set up a DIY Multimedia for Teaching and Learning Google Group at!forum/olds-mooc-diy-multimedia

And posted on Monday’s task Learning design brainstorm inviting DIY Multimedia members to describe their own thoughts on learning design.

Please feel free to add a few thoughts on how you all approach learning design.

Also how are you all finding the MOOC? So far for me the Massiveness has been a bit overwhelming. I’m hoping once we are all in the same place then collaboration and communication may get a little easier!  


Jonathan Vernon
10:10pm 17 January 2013

Sue, I commented elsewhere I think. As usual I underestimated the time it would require to get my head around unfamiliar platforms. 


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