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KarenLP Journal for MOOC

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Karen Pinney
12 January 2013

Personal Journal in Week 1

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Karen Pinney
5:14pm 12 January 2013 (Edited 3:14pm 13 January 2013)

Started Saturday - I am very busy during the week with work.

What do I hope to gain from this week:

To find my way around the course....I am struggling at the moment.

Karen Pinney
2:11pm 13 January 2013

Yesterday I did eventually manage to get started adn , although I am still not confident, I did manager to set up clouds and a cloudscape. So I guess I have almost achieved may aim for week 1.

Karen Pinney
3:14pm 13 January 2013

Spent some time today trying to get my head around cloudscape adn tidy up my clouds so far. More have appeared (I guess they were being moderated yesterday but haveing got rid of duplicates and made sure my clouds are all linnked to one cloudscape (or in one case to that cloudscappe plus the one indicated in the course, I am starting to feel more at home.

I have also found a vcouple of people interested in the same area as me (teahing research) so suggested we work as a group. I am just waiting for replies.

The start for me has been pretty overwhelming and complicated because of the need to use more than one tool (I joined Mindmeister today too in preperation for tomorrow). I am not sure if this is because I am one of the X generation but this style of learning by exploring does nt really suit me - this is a good time to reflect on what suits my students - a number of them seem more ready explore and like snappy information but I am not sure they would like to have such a wide area of things to get their heads around at the start of a course (so I now understand how they feel in the first lesson of a new module!)

If I am considering introducing a flipped class and to use webquests etc, I need to give very clear and precise instructions! And I will need to be ready to provide support and encouragement.

So far: very useful insight - even if it has been scarey!

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