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Will Stewart: My dream: Learning design project proposal

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Will Stewart
12 January 2013

Your situation (context)

Describe the material and social characteristics of the environment in which you operate. Where will your project take place? Who are the main actors involved? Include images, videos, sketches - anything that would help others understand the opportunities and constraints you are dealing with.


My design project proposal is to design a framework which could be used to construct a truly innovative 21st century curriculum/course, i.e. one that is distinctively and obviously not of the 20th Century. This framework would describe a design, a set of criteria, possible components, technologies, pedagogies etc. It would be generic, i.e. it could be used for any curriculum/course, at any level. The framework would enable others to "hang" their curricula/courses from it in order to re-design them for their 21st Century learners. It would provide a model from which to design new courses that have no legacy to hamper innovative design.





The change you would like to see (challenge)

What do you hope to achieve? What would be different if you succeed?


In a sense, this is a project to ascertain whether it is possible to create a curriculum/course which is obviously of the 21st Century, and not just a re-hash of some 20th Century model. It is an attempt to see if we can actually use technology to do something different in education or, as we have always done so far, just used it to maintain the status quo.

It is an attempt to see if a 21st century curriculum can be designed and can exist within 20th Century institutions?

How you might go about bringing that change

What is your pedagogical approach? Which technologies will you use to implement it, and how?


Change will be brought about if we can demonstrate that the framework will provide a better, more relevant curriculum/course, i.e. if we can convince educators that it is safe to move out of the 20th Century and into the 21st.



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Christie McKee
8:57pm 13 January 2013

Great topic. would be interested in exploring how our ideas could meld.

Will Stewart
9:35pm 13 January 2013

Hi Christie I've just read your "dream" and it looks like we are thinking along similar lines. I would be happy to team up and explore a project along these lines. I would really like to hear more about your work. For me, I think that I have had enough now of using technology to do what we have always done - the no change scenario. On the one hand this frustrates me, but on the other I can see why it happens. I'm thinking of a framework that allows colleagues to make the move - to use technology to do things differently and do things better. However, this may just be me trying to find a way to tackle my frustration. But this course seems like an opportunity to give it a try. Will

Christie McKee
5:47pm 20 January 2013

I have spent the last few days trying to wrap my head around what this would look like.  I have a friend who is not of the instructional design background taking the course, he is interested also.  I would like to create a framework that gives examples of various ways to create courses-with explanations....kind of a mini-ID course for the 21st century...showing evolution from ADDIE...maybe" this is an example of instruction the old way...this is improved because (and show why)". I would like to keep it from being too technical so anyone could use it, not just ID...what do you think?

I will be working on the course later today (its Sunday morning here-California time) and will put together some ideas and get things started.

We can create a course using what we learn from this course (Lurking and adding ideas others create?)

I will create a google group and get this started later. Let me know if you are still in ...


Christie McKee
1:46am 22 January 2013

Hi Will,

I didn't hear back from you-are you still interested? 


Will Stewart
11:13am 22 January 2013

Sorry Christie, I had to go visit my mother this weekend up in Scotland, so didn't get the time I had planned for moving forward with this. Yes, I'm still in. I have some ideas about creating this framework based on a couple of online courses I have designed recently. I'll check out you Google Group site and post something up there.

Thanks fopr keeping this going.



Will Stewart
1:42pm 22 January 2013

Thinking that we need to create a team, Christie. How about calling it " Design Frameworks", or similar?

Did you create a Google Group?



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