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Geetanjali Soni: Learning design proposal Professional/Faculty development

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Geetanjali Soni
12 January 2013


I am currently working on state  grant aimed at improving K-12 education in our state. In my position, I work with a team of content area experts and Instructional design professionals to create online professional development for teachers. We are currently working with the challenge of providing professional development to teachers across a whole state with very limited human resources.

Relevant context:


  • The audience is large and very varied. There are techno and content novices as well as experienced users
  • Teachers are very busy and do not have the time to deal with a steep learning curve
  • Motivation can be a barrier
  • Making the learning environment relevant to a diverse population is a challenge
  • Building peer collaboration and networking is important


 The change you would like to see (challenge)

Currently we are providing un-facilitated modules that teachers can take individually or in PLCs. The PLCs are supported mainly through a blended learning environment.... though we have recently provided suggestions for other options.

Alternatively we offer a few facilitated course, one instructor and 30 or so students. This is not scalable as we are attempting to reach a target of 100000 teachers

What would be wonderful would be a way to support  larger cohorts of learners

How you might go about bringing that change

 A modified MOOc. Less open and less massive than most.  Technologies would have to be simple (or easily adopted)

I would be interested in any content relevant to the K-12 teacher

  • Teaching online
  • Using technology in the classroom
  • Teaching diverse students ect.

Extra content

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Doug Holton
1:30am 19 January 2013

I was thinking something similar (open, online faculty development) but at the college level, but I am very interested in supporting K-12 teachers, too


Geetanjali Soni
2:59pm 21 January 2013


I have not yet joined a team...was offline for a couple of days. Kristina Hollis and I had connected about a MOOC on learning design for teachers. Is that something you would be interested in joining?


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