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Shirley Atkinson's MOOC learning journal

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Shirley Atkinson
12 January 2013

So... the instruction is to create your first cloud to act as a learning journal.  In it you have to introduce yourself, and add that cloud to the cloudscape.

Then, I wonder how it gets added to cloudscape... will I find that out after clicking the "create cloud" button.  Nice to have it highlighted in red.  I wonder if they know this page does not validate properly on the W3C validator.... sorry getting geeky about things.

An introduction to me... more than is in my profile already?  So far I'm not sure about the experience of this MOOC.  Technology is appearing to get in the way - but that is often the case the first time you actually do anything.  I couldn't join in the launch event because Cloudworks appeared to crash.  Did they do any load testing on it beforehand?  It is quite difficult to follow all the discussions because they appear all over the place - and introducing yourself in the Google groups appears to be a bit of a hit and miss affair.  When I joined in the SaaS online course we used Facebook which appeared to have a better approach to allowing people to post on the wall.  I notice there is somebody from my own institution - who hasn't filled in their profile in full and who I can't find an introduction for.  I'll have to try and find out who they are in a different way.

Now.  It says and/or Add a link.... a link to what?

Extra content

Learning objectives!

Post an item about learning objectives noting how you will have acheived them.

1.  Learn to navigate around Cloudworks.  

I will feel more confident about it and be able to tell somebody else about it.

Shirley Atkinson
20:05 on 12 January 2013

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