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Annette Dalsgaard Vilain: Peer-to-peer learning and evaluation in an online course

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Annette Dalsgaard Vilain
12 January 2013

Tags: Peer-to-peer learning, peer-to-peer evaluation, informal learning, collaboration, knowledge sharing


I'm going to design an online course for 500+ participants where the participants are lecturers and senior lectures at a University of Applied Science. The online course is planned for 10 weeks with weekly activities. The aim of the online course is to learn the participants to design learning design integrating ICT to bachelor students. The learning 'platform' is going to be disigned form open and dynamic technoligies and social media.

The participants are going to read or watch course materials as articles, blog posts and videos and they are going to take part in online discussions with fellow learners and the facilitators/ teachers of the course.The participants create during the course a learning design for his/hers own teaching/lecturing.


The particiapants are going to collaborate with felleow learners in smaller groups during the course. The participants are going to make critical reflections and give feedback on each others work through peer-to-peer learning and they are going to evaluate each other each during the course in peer-to-peer evaluation.


I'm very inspired from Grainne Conole's 7C's Learning Design approach. My approach to learning is social contructionstic with a focus on collaboration, knowledge  creation, know ledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning. 

I hope in the OLD MOOC to learn more about and get experience with peer-to-peer learning and peer-to-peer evaluation with fellow learners.

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