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Don Parker - OLDS MOOC - Designing effective learning with limited resources

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Donald Parker
12 January 2013

I am the technology trainer for a large non-profit Foundation headquartered in the United States with field offices in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

I write documentation, produce videos, create web resources and use other means to provide learning to help manage organizational technology change.

The size of my organization (500+ staff) and the large number of topics for potential training, combined with the limited resources at my disposal, have combined to necessitate a lean, agile, skills-based learning design model which I have only recently begun to fully articulate and define. 

The central issue: traditional tools for producing and delivering learning-resources, be they live or remote classroom training, E-learning, videos, etc., are inadequate for my needs while being tremendously demanding to deliver and maintain. This is not, to say the least, a happy combination.

My goal in this MOOC is to develop my knowledge of designing learning platforms with delivery elements that can be designed, delivered, measured, updated and reused using fewer resources, while at the same time providing a richer, compelling and empowering resource for my students.

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