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What would a new FD look like?

Presentation by Morag Harvey at FELS foundation degrees workshop, 15th Jan

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Gráinne Conole
15 January 2009

Recognising acheivement project

  • This will enable the OU to offer an integrated approach to recognising learning from non-traditional routes. The aim is to develop institutional policy and practice for the accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL), flexible foundation degrees and negotiated learning qualifications, in order to provide pathways from non-accrediated workplace learning and other providers. It will also underpin the concept of recognising achievement in learning. 
Flexible foundation degree
  • Alongside this a flexible foundation degree award is being developed. This is an important part of RAP as it will be a vehicle for meeting all of the project outcomes and deliverables such as trailling APEL/negotiated learning processes, informing policy and analysing the impact of these types of developments on university systems.  
  • This is being developed and piloted using the 'learning through work' (LtW) platform. This is an on-line planning, management and delivery system to enable HEIs to offer negotiated work-based programmes agreed between learners, employers and HEIs. This process results in a customised learning programme that meets specific needs. 
  • The degree includes: work-based learning, APEL, accreditation of employer-based educational programmes, OU courses, learning programme negotiated between student/employee, employer, OU

 iKnow project

  • This is developing a series of information literacy resources to meet the skills development needs of employers and their workforce. The outcomes of the project have been mapped directly to those for RAP and therefore will help to meet the major deliverables. 


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