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Bill Steele's My Dream: Learning Proposal - Provision of an examplar Moodle online Staff development module covering Turnitin

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Bill Steele
13 January 2013

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Bill Steele: Provision of an examplar Moodle online Staff development module covering Turnitin

My Situation


I work in staff development and support staff in the use of a variety of technologies including Moodle, Mahara, BigBlueButton and Turnitin. We are attempting to encourage staff to alter their behaviour. Currently it is seen that Moodle is a respository for documents and not a genuine learning environment. We believe that staff need to perceive the VLE differently and take on board that the traditional approach of lecturing to large groups and requiring the students to  complete essays and written examinations is unsustainable.

The staff need genuine examples, guidelines for design and production and a reason for engaging.



What do you hope to achieve?

It is hoped that by providing a staff development Moodle module covering the use of Turnitin that meets the presented design standards that staff will be encouraged to alter their current usage of Moodle and take advantage of the approaches available through online delivery. Turntin is an area of significance at the moment  and is taking considerable resources to support its use mainly due staff reticence to participate in staff development sessions. A Moodle module in Turnitin will meet the objective of providing required staff development around Turnitin and provide an example of a well designed learning opportunity.

What would be different if you succeed?

If this is successful then the resources spent in delivering face to face staff development can be deployed in supporting staff in creating well deswigned online materials.




How you might go about bringing that change

What is your pedagogical approach? Which technologies will you use to implement it, and how?

A constructivist approach will be adopted in assisting staff to create their own assignments using Turnitin including an assessment rubric, submitting an assignment, marking using grademark and the assessment rubric and having their assessment Rubrics peer reveiwed. Moodle will be used to house the materials but with considerable use of the interactive activities that are available. The interactive elements will include, Choice, Quiz, Glossary, Forum, Workshop and Turnitin itself (Originality Check, Grademark and Peermark)





Bill Steele
00:04 on 13 January 2013 (Edited 15:47 on 13 January 2013)

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