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Derek Chirnside::My dream::Automated formative assessment for Pre health course

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Derek Chirnside
13 January 2013

This is a fairly routine type of activity.  For a totally online course (actually the onramp to a longer face-face course)

Context: Ski patrol Pre Hospital Emergency care course.

Tools: I have access to Moodle with a few question addons (the drag and drop types from the OU:
Trying to avoid complext tools so tutors can actually tweak questions/add/reuse questions etc.


  1. my first problem has to do with the level of questions.  I know we can create matching, drag and drop, multichoice type questions quite easily.  However short answers are a problem: there is no built in manually marked short answer type in Moodle, nor any add-ons that I know about.
  2. Next, what can be done to create automated higher order questions?
  3. Thirdly, I've had difficulty getting good images.  I've tried various places, and have a few more leads to follow up.  eg: given this scenario, what would you do first, and to have video/image as well as text/audio.

A very small niche market: there are not many ski patrol schools around.

How to package this to it runs nicely.



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