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Bronwyn Hegarty
13 January 2013

I woulld like to design engaging activities in a virtual world such as second life with the aim of making them accessible to a wide range of participants and mobile devices - inherently developing their capability in managing digital information. More is written on my blog:

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Sharon Collingwood
4:29pm 13 January 2013

Hey Bronwyn,

I have put up my dreamsbazarr proposal.  

Like you, I am very interested in handheld technology.  That's why I've been exploring Cloud Party.  But I didn't include that in my proposal because I thought that would make it too complicated. Anyway, title:

Sharon Collingwood: Using presence in virtual worlds a springboard for learning

Peter Miller
5:49pm 13 January 2013

If you have a reasonably proficient  Android device you can use Lumiya (it's on Google Play). Hope to see you in Sharon's project.

Bronwyn Hegarty
7:39am 14 January 2013

Thanks Peter for the tip. I like the title Sharon. Now I will see if I can find the proposal. Isn't it fun trying to find everything - a lot like a maze really - back and forth round and round. Ha ha.

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